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Reading Lists

Add a New Reading List

Login to your UR Courses page and and click “Turn Editing On”.

Click “Add an activity or resource” within the section where you would like to provide a link to the Reading Lists. This link can always be moved, just like any other resource or activity on the main course page.

From the Resources tab, click on 'Reading List'

Add an activity or resource

****NOTE*****Please ensure that you are adding "Reading List" activity and not the "Reading List (inline) activity shown below. You may have to click on the 2nd tab (Activities, not resources) to find the appropriate item.
Within the preconfigured tool drop down menu, select "Readings Lists".

Click the “Save and display” button or “Save and return to course” button.

Click "Turn editing off", and click  "Reading Lists" icon to launch the service.

Create a New Course

In most cases, your reading list will be automatically linked to your URCourses course. 

Click New List.
Give your list a title, e.g. Name of the course
Click Create.
Select blank template.
To associate a reading list with a course, click Associate List.
A pop-up window titled Manage course association will appear. In the search box "Look up course", enter the title or code, and select the appropriate course.
Select Close.
You are now ready to start adding items to your course.