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Research Data Management: Store/Share

This guide provides an overview of research data management for University of Regina researchers.

University of Regina Dataverse

The University of Regina Library offers our institution's researchers the opportunity to store (and share, if appropriate) their research data in our University of Regina Dataverse.

Dataverse is an open source web application to share, preserve, cite, explore and analyze research data. It facilitates making data available to others, and allows replicating others' work. It has a robust version control and allows granular access to data files. Dataverse is excellent place for work-in-progress data files or files toward the end of the research data lifecycle. You can learn more in the Scholars Portal Dataverse Guide.

Our Dataverse is located on the Scholars Portal server, the same location as Dataverses at all Ontario universities, as well as other Canadian institutions, including the University of Calgary.

Other Data Depositories

There are other options for data deposit as well. Your decision on where to deposit your data will depend on several factors, including the amount of data your are depositing, the conventions in your discipline, and the requirements of funders/publishers.


Discipline-specific data repositories

Stanford Libraries maintains a comprehensive listing of data repositories across disciplines.


General data repositories