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An index to the mathematical research literature of the world and to advance announcements of new articles, books, and proceedings to be reviewed.
MathSciNet by the Numbers:
• 3,847,149 total publications
• 1,027,989 authors indexed
• Over 1,800 current journals
• 23,990 active reviewers
• direct links to 2,551,365 original articles
• 16,674,038 matched citations
◦ 1,749,315 items cited ◦ 452,881 authors cited ◦ 4,102 journals cited

Database Availability

October 18, 2020.
No reported problems.

Please report any problem you are having with Database or E-Journal access.

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The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Includes 757 titles from the following studios:
Universal Studios Canada (DreamWorks, Focus Features and Illumination),
Walt Disney Studios (Marvel Studios, Pixar Animated Studios, Lucas Film),
MGM Studios (United Artists),
Sony Pictures Entertainment (Sony Animation),
VVS Films, and
Lionsgate Film (Summit Entertainment).
Access Note: Use preferred browser: Google Chrome.

Including coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak, this database curates openly available content related to coronaviruses. It includes thousands of open-access articles from the world’s leading publishers as well as current research from pre-print repositories such as arXiv and will continue to grow and evolve as more is learned about the pandemic.
As HathiTrust members, University of Regina students, faculty and staff have access to a digital repository that includes millions of items from research libraries around the world. The collection includes both in-copyright materials and public domain materials. Full-text material primarily consists of books and other items published before 1923. This includes a large collection of U.S. government documents and a growing collection of Canadian government publications.
NOTE: Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) at University of Regina allows for online reading of titles from the Library's collection and will be in place for the duration of the University Library’s closure due to COVID-19.
ProQuest One Literature is the upgraded version of Literature Online.
ProQuest One contains 5 million literature citations from thousands of journals, monographs, dissertations, and more than 500,000 primary works – including rare and obscure texts, multiple versions, and non-traditional sources like comics, theatre performances, and author readings. Enhanced by interpretive sources such as book reviews and criticism sourced from wider, interdisciplinary publications in the fields such as humanities and history, it provides diverse, global perspectives with sources from all over the world – Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America - the majority of which are in full-text. The database can be browsed by literary period, literary movement, author name or literature collections.