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Libguide: Quickstart Help & Standards: Getting Started

Adding Content

Content is added to guides using content boxes arranged on pages (tabs).

  • See Tabs for details on how to add more pages/tabs to a guide.
  • See Boxes for details on the different types of content boxes and how to add them to a page.
  • See Adjusting Columns for instructions on how to change the width and number of columns.

Page Status

1. Unpublished: Other UofR LibGuides authors can see what you've done, but no one else. You're free to try different approaches and learn as you go without worrying that what you've done is out there for everyone to see.

2. Private: Still not listed in the public LibGuides, but can be viewed by anyone to whom you give the URL: other librarians, faculty, etc.

3. Public:  Guide will automatically be listed in our list of LibGuides that people can see when they look at our site.

Starting Your Guide

  • From LibGuides home page, click on Create New Guide.
  • If you want to use another guide as a template, select that guide.
    • You can choose one of your own guides or one from another UofR librarian. Otherwise, leave it as "Start Fresh (no template)"
    • If you do use an existing guide as a template, all of the content (tabs and boxes) will be copied into your new guide for use as is or for editing. Any editing that you do will not affect the original guide.
  • Give your guide a title.
  • Include a brief description.
  • Click on Create New Guide and you're ready to format the guide and add content.

Naming Your Guide

Use standard titles for Libguides

For subject specific libguides:

  • Begin with the main subject focus:  e.g. History
  • Add the specialized focus:  Canada in World War I
  • Sample subject-specific libguides:
    • Business: Marketing
    • Art History: Japanese Art

For course-specific libguides:

  • Begin with the course name & number:  e.g.  ECN 354
  • Add one or more of the following:
    • Course Description: e.g. Economics of Cities
    • Professor Name:   e.g. Dr. Lazurus
    • Section Information:  MWF 8:30 - 9:15
  • Sample course-specific libguide titles:
    • BIOC 330: Enzymes
    • ENG 100 (Dr. Helen Roberts)

Subject Guide


Thank you to Robert Thomas, Social Sciences Liaison Librarian, for his assistance in developing this guide, especially for providing the information featured on Audience & Purpose page.