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Quick Find: Introduction

Quick Find

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What is Quick Find?

Quick Find is a search engine that simultaneously searches the holdings of the University of Regina and federated college libraries (including books, journals, videos, sound recordings, etc.), and many databases of journal articles, government documents, dissertations, and more.

Quick Find is an ideal tool to begin your search for items you need for class assignments, research, or your personal interests.

Quick Find can also be used to find a specific item that you want, such as a specific book or article.

Starting a Search in Quick Find

You can begin your Quick Find search by entering search terms into the search box on the Archer Library home page.

See the section below for some ways to "power up" your Quick Find searches.

Search Techniques

Use these techniques to make your Quick Find searches more effective.

Boolean Operators

The Boolean operators (named after 19th-century logician George Boole) are AND, OR, and NOT.

         cat AND dog    This retrieves items that have the word cat and the word dog.
  cat OR dog This retrieves items that have the word cat or the word dog.
  cat NOT dog This retrieves items that have the word cat but not the word dog. Use this with caution.


Boolean operators can be grouped with parentheses:

(cat OR feline) AND (dog OR canine)

Boolean operators must be in capital letters in Quick Find.
If you don't use Boolean operators in your search, Quick Find uses AND by default.


You can insert a wildcard operator at the end or in the middle of a search term in Quick Find. The wildcard operator is the asterisk ( * ). It stands for any number of characters (including none).

harbo*r*    This retrieves items that have harbour, harbor, harbours, harboring, etc.


Phrases are sequences of words that appear together in the order specified. Use quotation marks ( " . . . " ) to indicate phrases in Quick Find.

"global village"   This retrieves items having this phrase, but not items in which global appears somewhere and village appears somewhere else, but not next to each other in that order.

Phrases and WildcardsTogether

Quick Find allows you to use phrases and wildcards simultaneously.

"cultural anthropolog*"   This retrieves the phrases cultural anthropology, cultural anthropologist, etc.