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Dr. John Archer Library Award: About the Library award

This guide explains the library's award and provides FAQs for University of Regina undergraduate students.

What is the award?

The Dr. John Archer Library award was established in 2012 for one full-time  undergraduate student from the University of Regina or the three federated colleges (Campion College, First Nations University of Canada, Luther College) who demonstrates written evidence of significant inquiry using the Library’s resources and services along with learning about the research and information-gathering and citing process for their graded course project. The award is given annually based upon comments in an approximately 500 word reflective library essay and not the graded project.  The promotional brochure is here.

How am I recognized?

The student with the best reflective library essay wins $1,000.  S/he also receives a signed certificate, name engraved on a plaque, and poses with a trophy in a private ceremony.  The reflective essay, graded course project, and ceremony photos are deposited in oURspace.  Photos are also used for promoting the award the following year.

Who can apply?

The award is targeted for any University of Regina student who is currently classified as an undergraduate student.  More information about eligibility is on the Library award eligibility guide page.

When can I apply?

Undergraduate students can apply starting in the first week of classes in early January (once the Winter Semester has begun) for work completed in the previous fall, winter, spring, or summer semester.  The University of Regina's Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA) establishes the common deadline for all awards.

What is the award's application deadline?

The deadline for applying is February 1, 2018 which is SAFA's Winter Semester Awards Deadline SubmissionSAFA will begin accepting applications early in the Winter 2017 semester.


More information

How can I apply for the award?

Applications for the award are available online at the University of Regina Student Award and Financial Aid (SAFA) Student Awards Management System (SAMS) Type the word library in the SAMS browse box to find the library award application.  The University of Regina Library also has information about the award.

Eligible undergraduate students must complete the following and submit to SAFA:

  1. award’s application form
  2. submit a 250-500 word reflective essay
  3. copy of your previously graded research project
  4. signed and dated memo from your professor who graded your research project

All applicactions must be submitted to SAFA.  SAFA staff are available to answer questions about the application and submission process.

The Library also has information about the award.  Library staff will not provide assistance with the application or writing the reflective essay.  

How is a winner chosen?

Librarians sit on an award judging panel.  They receive copies of all library award application submissions that the University's Student Affairs and Financial Aid Office (SAFA) received from students.  The panel marks all one page reflective essays using a rubric, and if necessary, reads the graded assignments for reference.

When will the award be given?

The winning student receives $1,000 late in the Winter Semester.   The library will recognize the student in a private ceremony usually by the end of April.