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Ares Reserves: Adding Ares Reserves to UR Courses

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Adding Ares Reserves to your course as an External tool

Adding Ares Reserves to your course as an external tool provides a link for students to access course readings within Ares. The text of the link can be customized, and it can be positioned and configured much like any other activity or resource within your course. To add a link to the Ares Reserves for your course as an external tool, follow the steps outlined below.

1. Enter your course and Turn Editing On.
2. Click on the Add an activity or resource button within the section where you would like to provide a link to Ares Reserves. This link can always be moved, just like any other resource or activity on the main course page.
3. Under Activities select External tool from the activities menu and click Add. As a shortcut, you can also just double click on the External tool.
4. On the configuration screen, you must provide an Activity name (e.g. Week One Readings). This will become the text of the link to Ares Reserves. Within the drop down menu, select Ares Reserves.

5. Click Save and display to continue to Ares Reserves, where you will be prompted to select the semester for the course. Do not select the Current Semester option. Select the Winter, Spring/Summer or Fall option.
7. If you clicked Save and return to course, you will need to click on your new Ares link in order to make the semester selection.
8. Once the semester has been configured, you can begin adding readings to Ares Reserves. (See the "How to Submit an Item" tab above for these instructions)

Note: Ares Reserves can be added to multiple sections within UR Courses, but each link will point to the same instance of Ares Reserves.

Adding or Editting Instructor Tags

To add or edit an instructor tag:

  • Click on Show Details.
  • Add text in the Instructor Tags text box.
  • Click on the Modify Tags button.