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Computer Science: Finding Books

This guide describes ways to find information about computer science using resources available at the University of Regina.

Books at the University of Regina

Searching for Books in the Catalogue

Use the Library Catalogue to find books (including e-books) at the University of Regina Library, Campion College Library, Luther College Library, First Nations University Library, and online.

The Library Catalogue offers two search modes: Basic Search and Advanced Search. Most searches can be done in Basic Search.

  • Use Basic Search when you want to search by keyword, search using Boolean operators (AND, OR and NOT), or search for a specific known item using title, author, or call number.
  • Use Advanced Search when you want to search in two or more specific fields (e.g., title and author), or search by keyword within specific fields (e.g. keywords within the title). There are also options to search by less commonly used fields, such as ISBN.


Browsing for Computer Science Books

Computer science books at the University of Regina Library are on the 4th floor at the following call numbers:

  • QA75.5 - QA76.95 — This is where you find most computer science books.
              Books on specific programming languages
    are at QA76.73.


  • Q300 - Q342 — Artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybernetics
  • Q350 - Q375 — Information theory
  • QA267 - QA267.5 — Automata, formal languages
  • QA267.7 — Computational complexity
  • QA268 — Coding theory, error control codes
  • QA297 — Numerical analysis, numerical methods
  • QA298 — Simulation, Monte Carlo method
  • TK5105.5 - TK5105.9 — Computer networks, Internet

Note: Some computer science books are online only. All books, printed and online, are listed in the library catalogue. Catalogue records for online books provide a link to the book. Reference books are located on the first floor at the same call numbers as shown above.


E-books are listed in the Library Catalogue along with the printed books, with a notable exception:
Some of the more recent e-books published by Springer, a major scientific publisher, are not yet in the Library Catalogue, but they are in the database SpringerLink. Search in SpringerLink for the latest Springer e-books.

A word of caution when searching for e-books in SpringerLink: If you search for books by title in Advanced Search (available by clicking on the gear-wheel icon), be aware that SpringerLink treats subtitles of books inconsistently, sometimes as part of the title and sometimes not. For example, if you do a title-specific search for the book Algorithmic Adventures: From Knowledge to Magic, if you enter any word other than algorithmic or adventures, the book will not be found. In the easy search interface (the default), however, this is not a problem.

Books at Other Libraries

There are many computer science books that are not owned by the University of Regina Library. You may request any book that is not owned by the U of R via Interlibrary Loan (or UREAD if you are a distance education student, or a faculty or staff member not based at the Regina campus).

Here are some resources to identify books not owned by the U of R: