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Ares Reserves: About

About Ares Reserves

Ares Reserves is a new tool linked with UR Courses that provides access to electronic course readings and helps to ensure copyright compliance.

Advantages to using to Ares Reserves include:

  • A central location and 24/7 access to course readings.
  • Option to clone (copy) course readings from semester to semester.
  • Copyright service staff will check for copyright compliance and obtain any necessary permissions.
  • Status updates
  • Checks for broken links

Copyright and Ares Reserves

All copyright-protected materials in Ares reserves must be used in accordance with Canadian Copyright Laws and all applicable licences. All materials submitted to Ares reserves will be checked for copyright compliance by the Library's copyright services staff. Materials that fall under the University's fair dealing guidelines, an allowable exception under the Copyright Act or library license will be assessed quickly. For further information about copyright, please consult the University's copyright website.


Some of the content on this page has been copied and adapted from the UR Courses Instructor Guides Ares Reserves with the permission of the author.

Reusing/cloning Ares reserves

At the end of the semester, copyright staff will send an email to find out if you would like to have the resources in Ares Reserves moved forward into the new semester. If yes, copyright staff will clone the items you wish to use into another semester.